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The Three Grand Maelstroms are the greatest mystery of the ages. Few people in history knew about them because they have never appeared at the same time. It was difficult to comprehend them, even an Immortal Emperor would need a long period of time. More importantly, luck was essential in doing so.[1]

Immortal Demon Grotto's Xiao Shi searched for them for many Epochs, but couldn't find. Eventually, he created Dark Crow to search for them.[1]

During his search, Dark Crow read through countless scrolls in the Nine Worlds and even went to the Tenth World. There was virtually nothing written about the Three Grand Maelstroms, only a few lines on ancient murals. After the long years, Li Qiye had certain guesses.[1]

In the Current Era Li Qiye regained his original body and resumed his search:

Li Qiye used the Three Grand Maelstroms to rob the qualifications of all Emperor Candidates to prevent their deaths in a pointless competition against him that they have no chances to win.[5][6]

They appear to be part of a set with the 12 Laws he obtained in a chest from beneath Godwar Mountains.[7] Each of the laws requires a Nine Worlds Heaven's Will or 6 Tenth World Heaven's Will to be activated. For a total of 12 or 72 Heaven's Wills.



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