The Thousand Emperors Gate was an Imperial Lineage created by Immortal Emperor Hao Hai.[1]

It is considered as a miracle that was never seen before, and a miracle that would never happen again, because the Thousand Emperors Gate had four consecutive Immortal Emperors t. No other sect was able to successfully break through and steal the Heaven's Will from them. For four generations in a row, the Heaven's Will was held by the Thousand Emperors Gate.[2]

During their reign the Thousand Emperors Gate reigned over the Nine Worlds[3] and was feared by the gods and devils.[2] At that time, even the Soaring Immortal Sect didn't dare to compete with them.[3]

The Thousand Emperors Gate was expected to have a fifth Immortal Emperor in a row, but unfortunately, the person lived in the same generation as Empress Hong Tian. Ultimately, the powerful Thousand Emperors Gate was destroyed by her.[2]


The Thousand Emperors Gate was situated in the Mortal Emperor World.[1]


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