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The Thousand Carp River is an Imperial Lineage, created by Immortal Emperor Qian Li near the end of the Emperors Era. Ever since, it is one of the most powerful Sect in the Sacred Nether World.

The Thousand Carp River had control of the majority of the land on the two banks of the river. Many Countries and Sects on the two banks are subordinated to the Thousand Carp River, including Static Stream Country.

It is one of the two Imperial Lineages in the Distant Cloud region that take in humans as disciples.[1]


The Thousand Carp River is situated in the Distant Cloud region of the Sacred Nether World around the river of the same name.

Thousand Carp Lake

Despite being named after the river, the Thousand Carp River's ancestral ground is not built at the source of the river. Instead, it was built at the largest lake of the Sacred Nether World at the center of the river, the Thousand Carp Lake. When standing on top of the Thousand Carp Lake, no one would think that it was a lake since it looked more like an ocean, extremely vast. The lake's surface had majestic waves, just like a mighty ocean. While standing above the lake, anyone could feel the moisture and Spirit Energy combine together to rush to their faces. It was as if the lake was a cornucopia of gathered worldly energy.[3]

There were many legends about the Thousand Carp Lake along with many hidden secrets, including tales about how Immortal Emperor Qian Li came from this lake.[3]


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