During the Ancient Ming Era, the land gave birth to five existences, one of them Terra Root, became the master and the others became the four servants; the other four spirits were formed from the rivers and mountains with the images of a True Dragon, a White Tiger, a Vermilion Bird, and a Black Tortoise.

Since they were created by the heavens, these five existences became invincible rulers and created the Tiger Emperor Citadel. This was a giant monster that had reigned over a period of time in the Eastern Hundred Cities! Unfortunately, they sided with the tyrant(Tian Tu) and joined the Ancient Ming! That era belonged to the Ancient Ming, so after the Tiger Emperor Citadel joined the Ancient Ming, they swept through the world and suppressed the human race.

At that time, the Dark Crow became infuriated and led numerous sages and generals of the human race to sweep through the Tiger Emperor Citadel. They managed to destroy the citadel, and from then on, it sank into the ground where the world would no longer know of its existence.

Dark Crow slew the leading spirit and destroyed its body to ultimately sever the Terra’s Root. Then, he ordered his sages and True Gods to use a heaven-defying method to suppress this root underground in order to refine it for millions of years.

Since the leading spirit was created from this land, his goal when he sealed the Terra’s Root underground was to allow it to — once again — nurture the land so that a miracle would manifest again.

As he expected, the land finally had another creation. Following the refinement of the Terra’s Root, the endless worldly essence finally nurtured the area, allowing it to transform into a White Tiger Grand Vein.

Later on, the progenitor of the Tiger’s Howl School obtained this creation. He started out as a regular white tiger that eventually cultivated into a Tiger God and his school.[1]


It resembles a simple boulder. To be exact, it appeared to be a stone pillar, but it was completely flat. With runes coming together, it was as if the runes were trying to weave together to form words of the grand dao! The entire boulder appeared to be pristine and without any flaws.[2]


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