The Ten Eonic Geniuses are ten most talented cultivators in history. They were born in different worlds and Eras, but each possessed a peerless unparalleled talent.

Ironically, only three of them managed to become an Immortal Emperor. All the rest lost in the competition because of their weak Dao Heart.[1]

In the Three Immortals World a similar group of people with unrivaled talent is called Radiant Decemvirate.


  1. South Emperor: At fifteen he was already powerful enough to became an Immortal Emperor, but can be said to have the worst luck in history. He was born in the same generation with Hong Tian and was defeated by her. He sealed himself to evade her era, and tried to compete for the Heaven's Will later on, but every time he decided to came out, he stumbled into other Dark Crow's followers, first Bing Yu, then Qian Li, and eventually into Dark Crow himself in the Current Era.[2]
  2. Gu Zun: Even Li Qiye admitted that Gu Zun is peerlessly talented.[3] However, his obsession with Dark Crow Treasury don't let him to move forward.[4]
  3. Man at the Sky Reaching Peak: He was born in the same generation as Tian Tu. Dark Crow offered him help and protection, but he believed that he can win without anyone help and arrogantly refused the offer. Alas, he was defeated by Tian Tu and escaped to the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. He burried himself at the Sky Reaching Peak.[5][6]
  4. unnamed Immortal Emperor[1] (possibly Immortal Emperor Fei)
  5. unnamed Immortal Emperor[1] (possibly Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng)
  6. unnamed Immortal Emperor[1] (possibly Immortal Emperor Hao Hai)
  7. Lunargrasp Fairy (possibly): According to Li Qiye, she was a peerless genius, fully comparable to South Emperor.[7]



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