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List of destroyed locations formed by DPL from the Category:Destroyed Locations for Module:Locations.

Heavenly God Sect@Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom@Space Trample Mountain@Heavenly Jewel Kingdom@Machine World@Tombskull Sect@Sacred Demon Tribe@Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty@Spirit Abyss@Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom@Thousand Emperors Gate@Crystallized Sea Sect@Heavenhoof Ravine@Stony Edge Kingdom@Divine Beast Realm@Saber Emperor School@Tiger's Howl School@Roaring Conch@Ironscale School@Wyvern Country@Dream Empyrean@Regal Valley@Ancestral Terra@Tyrant's Empire@Mortal Emperor's Kingdom@Ancestral City@Wang Clan (Mortal Emperor World)@Bloodshark Village@Donggong Clan@Soaring Immortal Sect@Ancestral Domain@Bu Clan@Mysterious Underground World@Celestial Peak Divine School@Qing Clan@Snow-Shadow Pavilion@