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Template:Infobox Chapter/Preload

Useful Links

  • {{ChapterTitle}} - it is used to automatically get the title or number of the next and previous chapters.
  • {{Release date}} - it is used to categorise pages by release date.
  • {{Volume/Chapters}} - it is used to show a list of chapters in the same volume.
  • {{Infobox Volume}} - it use fields from this template to automatically create a list of chapters.

Always Present Fields

{{Infobox Chapter
|title         = 
|chinese_title = 
|zh_link       = 
|zh_release    = 
|eng_release   = 
|volume        = 

|characters    = 
|locations     = 
|races         = 
|items         = 
|techniques    = 
|concepts      = 
|eras          = 
|events        = 

Optional Fields

|sidestory     = yes/no, DEFAULT: no
|eng_link      = link to translated chapter, DEFAULT: it is filled automatically to lead to wauxiaworld

|quote         = 
|notes         = 
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