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Taboo Existences is a general title used for those existences in the Nine Worlds that are capable of defeating and slaying Immortal Emperors. They are usually survivors of the Remote Epochs living hidden in the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds, Ancestral Earths or other hidden places.[1] Some of them cannot easily come out without attracting a punishment from Old Villainous Heavens.

Similarly, the Tenth World and the Three Immortals World house their own taboo existences, which are stronger than cultivators at the apex. Again they reside in the Exploration Grounds or in hidden dimensions, to avoid the wrath of Old Villainous Heavens.

Taboo Existences are usually weaker than the 36 Pseudo-Immortals, who are implied to harvest complete worlds or Epochs if given the chance. The overlords of the six Redemption Grounds seem to be part of this groups but at least partly defected from them. The 36 are only inferior to Old Villainous Heavens and that person, who stand at the apex.

List of Taboo Existences[]

Name Epoch Status Items World/Domain Notes
1 Dark Crow Nine Worlds' Epoch Alive Longevity Grass Nine Worlds The black hand behind the curtain, Li Qiye, who was used by Xiao Shi
2 Black Dragon King Nine Worlds' Epoch Alive - Nine Worlds ​​Li Qiye's disciple, fought against Ta Kong,[3] tearing apart the heaven's will[4]
3 Old Ghost Alive Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground Since the ancient times, he was one of the hardest people to mess with in this world[2]
4 Ancestral Flow Master Alive Nine Worlds
5 Man in the Kingdom Of Heaven Alive Nine Worlds He is fighting against a curse or punishment[5]
6 Existence in the Dark Star Alive Prime Ominous Grave [6]
7 Headless Man Alive Pond at the Path of Death Prime Ominous Grave Connected to the Ghost Race[7]
8 Ancestral Domain's Master Killed by Li Qiye Ghost Ancestral Tree
Silver Maelstrom
Ancestral Domain - Nine Worlds ​​Chased away by the intends of thirteen Immortal Emperors[8]
9 Bloodhand Butcher Killed by Li Qiye Corporeal Zone Nine Worlds ​​One of Ancient Ming's Overlords[9]
10 Insane Ancestor Unknown Drystone Courtyard The Person at the Base of the Precipice, caught by Dark Crow,[10] Insane Court's progenitor
11 Stone Duck (Wan Shi) Nine Worlds' Epoch Alive (Golem Ancestor) Courtyard's Item Drystone Courtyard Weaker than Insane Ancestor and Hong Tian, its item is a real treasure, but Li Qiye did not trade it for his stone egg.​​ ​​​[11]
12 Progenitor of the Blood Race Dead Heavenly Dao's Primal Chapter Nine Worlds His Skull and Blood Pond were treasures of the Blood Primal Ground, before Li Qiye obtained the creations within.[12][13]
13 The Fallen beneath the Abyss Nine Worlds Connected to the Blood Race, Li Qiye wants Si Yuanyuan to be ready to lead her race when he rises again.[14]
14 Bronze Giant Primordial Will Nine Worlds
Three Immortal Worlds
Present in the Bronze City under Godwar Mountains, another or the same came from Uncrossable Expanse, connected to the Immortal Bronze Race
15 Machine World's Overlord Previous Epoch Dead Myriad Age Tree Machine World
16 Di Shi Epoch of Buddhism Alive Myriad Thoughts Pot Buddhist Burial Plateau
17 Great Maelstrom's Overlord Alive Life Origination Great Maelstrom
18 Dragon God Alive Nine Worlds True Dragon, fought against Old Villainous Heavens, perhaps a progenitor
19 Lord Bones Alive
20 Fairy Alive
21 Bonesea's Overlord Alive Iron Maelstrom Bonesea
22 Divine Tree Ridge's Overlord Alive Epoch Leaf Divine Tree Ridge
23 Crystalfowl Alive Crystalfowl Immortal Mine
24 Xiao Shi Dead[15] Longevity Grass Immortal Demon Grotto Grotto's Master and Immortal Demon System's progenitor
25 Saint Wildland Epoch Sacrificed himself[16] Exploration Grounds - Tenth World Desolate Saint's rival, failed in his epoch,[17] but won later working with Li Qiye
26 Samsara Wild Ancestor Wildland Epoch Killed by Li Qiye[18] Exploration Grounds - Tenth World Top Ten progenitor
27 Three Races' Overlords Nine Worlds' Epoch Alive Death Coffin
True Bones
Tenth World Chased away during Emperor Demise[19]
28 Long Xiao's Father Archtruth Epoch Dead? Progenitor
29 Reverend Cloud and Mud Nine Worlds' Epoch/ Eight Desolates' Epoch Li Qiye's son


  • 11 Character(s) at the Taboo Existences level