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Sunflower Forefather was born in the Heavenvine Citadel at least during Immortal Emperor Bu Si's generation.[1]

He is a Treant, and prefered to stay in his Ancestral Form.[2]

Heavenly Tribulation

During Immortal Emperor Bu Si generation, the Heavenvine Citadel became greedy. Sunflower Forefather and several other Ancestors tried to seize the essence of the Heaven's Will to forcefully create another Heavenvine Calabash, but it ended in tragedy. The Heavenly Tribulation punished Heavenvine Treefather and left behind eternal wound.[3][1]


Sunflower Forefather is a old sunflower tree. It is much taller than an adult. Moreover, the sunflowers on the tree were blossoming to great sizes. There is an old man's face on the sunflower in the center.[2]



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