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Su Zhen (素真: Truth) is a disciple of the Heavenguard Sect.[1] She has the bloodline of Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen and can be considered to be Emperor's direct descendant, but at the same time she isn't; Qi Zhen didn't have any children, her bloodline was somehow recreated by Immortal Emperor Mu Tian.[2]

Su Zhen was born with a very pure blood, comparable to Qi Zhen's own blood. Because of this, she have signs of atavism on her face. Unfortunately, no one in the Heavenguard Sect knew the meaning of these signs and believed that it was some kind of curse.[3]


For some reason Su Zhen is considered to be the Empress, a fated future wife of the Emperor.[2]

Li Qiye

When Li Qiye visited the Heavenguard Sect, he wasn't pleased to hear about his "fated wife", but eventually accepted it and met with Su Zhen. He recognized her facial marks as atavism from Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen's bloodline and agreed to make Su Zhen his concubine.[2][3]

Tenth World

Su Zhen was among many people whom Li Qiye brought with him to the Tenth World. Originally she stayed together with Li Shuangyan's group, but soon was taken away by Immortal Emperor Mu Tian who decided to personally train her.[4]


Su Zhen has a perfect, supple body. She is thin and tall with long brows and straight shoulders. It could be said that one would be hardpressed to point out a flaw in her figure. From just her figure, it was more than apparent that she is a supreme beauty. However, her face is disproportionate to her figure. The proportions of her facial features are perfect, but there are many strange, runic lines growing on her face. They resembles wrinkles, but they aren't actually wrinkles. It was as if she had suffered the most terrifying curse in this world. After seeing her face, anyone will gasp or even involuntarily scream out in fear. It is frankly hideous and caused people to shiver without being cold. No one would want to take a second glance at Su Zhen's face. For this reason she always wears a silk veil, revealing only her bright and watery eyes.[2]



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