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The Stone Medicine World is one of the Nine Worlds.[1]

The Stone Medicine World is specialized in alchemy and many of the famous alchemists have originated from here; it could be said that this world had the most alchemists out of the Nine Worlds. Since the start of time, two-thirds of all the Alchemy Emperors had come from the Stone Medicine World.[2] There was also a saying in the Nine Worlds:

“ If there are ten alchemists, then seven of them came from the Stone Medicine World. „[2]

Emperors Era

During the Emperors Era the Divine Beast Realm's disciple was a powerful contender for the Heaven's Will, but eventually he was defeated by Hong Tian. Unconvinced by his defeat, the Divine Beast Realm encouraged all the sects in the Stone Medicine World to ambush Hong Tian who had yet to ascend to Immortal Emperor. All the most powerful lineages in this world were involved in this terrible ambush, including the Alchemy Kingdom, the Jianlong Clan, and the Beastmaster Citadel as well as other imperial sects.[3]

This ambush enraged Dark Crow, who sent his army to the Stone Medicine World. The army swept through the world and eventually destroyed the Divine Beast Realm. After that, Dark Crow forced all other lineages that participated in the war to made a blood oath to never show themselves in the world again.[3]

After the Great Calamity, it collapsed and formed the Eight Desolates.




There is a saying in the Stone Medicine World: Three Ancestral Veins, Eight Grand Veins. The three Ancestral Veins were the Alchemy Vein, Stone Vein, and Beast Vein.

These Ancestral Veins were also called the corners of this world since its inhabitants relied on them to exist and since these veins divided Stone Medicine into three great realms:

  1. Alchemy Realm[6]
  2. Stone Realm[7]
  3. Beast Realm[7]

Inside these three realms were eight Grand Veins. Although these eight Grand Veins were not comparable to the three Ancestral Veins, they occupied this land like eight monstrous dragons.[7]

  1. Elegant Azure Mountains, with the Giant Bamboo Country situated at their tail.[7]
  2. Allpine Grand Vein of Allpine Mountain

Burial Grounds


The Stone Medicine World is the homeworld of the Stone Golems and Demons, while the Human Race is almost non existent; very few humans live in this world.[1][2]


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