Li Fanming was born around 50,000 years during Ta Kong's generation.[1]

Stone Dragon God

When Ta Kong visited the Stone Medicine World, Li Fanming was the first to challenge him. He defeated Ta Kong and chased him aroung the world. Eventually, Ta Kong managed to escape from the Stone Medicine World in a tattered shape. From then on, Li Fanming became known as the Stone Dragon God. He became the pride of both the Stone Golems and the Stone Medicine World. Many people held him in high regard and believed that he could become the Immortal Emperor.[1]

Unfortunately, the next time Li Fanming met Ta Kong he was defeated. Later on, Li Fanming challenged Ta Kong again three times in a row, but all of his attempts ended in defeat.[1]

Afterward, he no longer dared to challenge Ta Kong and chose to live reclusively, especially after Ta Kong became an Immortal Emperor. No one had seen him again after that.[1]

Current Era

Li Fanming re-appeared 30,000 years later at the start of the Current Era. He became Ye Qingcheng's dao protector.[1]

Eventually he was defeated by Li Qiye and publicly executed -via beheading- with the Unbreakable Emperor and Imperial grandchild of Stony Edge Kingdom.[2]


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