The Star Plucking is the 12th level of Cultivation, and cultivators of this realm are called Enlightened Beings.[3]

This realm directed the stars from the nine heavens in order to craft one's own stars. Only when one could seize the stars would one be able to also seize the universe.[4]


  • 1 to 7 stars is a limit for ordinary cultivators.[4]
  • 8 stars is the key to unlocking the door to Heavenly Sovereign, Heavenly King, and even Virtuous Paragon. Thus, Enlightened Beings with eight stars are known as Heaven Riders. However, crafting the eighth star is far more difficult than opening the fourth Fate Palace. Many people with four palaces could not create this eighth star. As for those who couldn't even open the fourth Fate Palace, they almost didn't have any chance to create the eighth star.[4]
  • Cultivators with 9 stars are known as Eternal Prestige. Having 9 stars is a very terrifying thing. Legends say that those with 9 stars could easily pick either the Path of Heavens or the Path of Grand Era and would have a high chance of becoming a tyrannical Immortal Emperor or an invincible God. Alas, very few since time immemorial were able to create the ninth star.[4]


  • 29 Appearance(s) of Enlightened Being
  • 7 Character(s) at the Enlightened Being level
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