The Spirit Mountain is the most sacred location in the plateau where the Nalanda Temple was located. The mountain is covered by Buddhist light at any time of day, making possible to see it from far away. Apart of Nalanda Temple, there were also eighteen temples referred to as the Four Grand Void Tribulations. Only these eighteen temples are recognized by Nalanda. The four Grand Void Tribulations are (from higher to lower status) the Four Buddhas Temple, the 3 Grand Temples, the 6 Tribulation Temples and the 8 Void Temples. These eighteen temples are full of golden lights and inside there are Buddhist hymns and phenomena of great Buddhist existences.[1]


The Spirit Mountain is a fair-sized mountain in the Buddhist Burial Plateau.[1]


  • Nalanda Temple
    • Buddhist Kingdom
  • Four Grand Void Tribulations
    • Four Buddhas Temple
    • 3 Grand Temples
      • Grand Heaven Temple
      • Grand Earth Temple
      • Grand Mortal Temple
    • 6 Tribulation Temples
      • Deity Tribulation Temple
      • Saint Tribulation Temple
      • Sage Tribulation Temple
      • Mortal Tribulation Temple
    • 8 Void Temples
      • Zen Void Temple
      • Comprehension Void Temple
      • Capability Void Temple
      • Heart Void Temple


In the eighteen temples of the Spirit Mountain, there are four types of trials:

  • Scripture hark: One should listen a high monk of the temples preach scriptures, one would pass the trial if one's Dao Heart is strong enough and don't convert to Buddhism.[2]
  • Attainment sculpting: The high monks would insert a Buddhist seed into the examinee’s body. If they were able to bear the seed growing and without turning into a Buddhist relic, they would pass.[2]
  • Buddhist debate: A conversation about the dharma with the high monks from the eighteen temples. One would pass the trial if one's Dao Heart is strong enough and don't convert to Buddhism.[2]
  • Challenge via combat: A fight aganist the Great Vajras of the eighteen temples.[3]

As long as one could pass the trial, one would be able to obtain a treasure.[2]


  • Grand Diamond Formation[3]


  • Bodhisattva's enlightened fruit[4]


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