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Spirit Medicines (灵药丹草) or Spirit Grasses (魂草) are plants used as main ingredients for Alchemy. They improve with time and rise to higher stages. This proccess is called transformation; the more transformations they suffer, the better their quality is.[1]


  • Ordinary Spirit Medicines: less than 1 million years old Spirit Medicines.[2]
  • Young King Medicines: 1-3 million years old Spirit Medicines.[2][1]
  • King Medicines: 3-5 million years old Spirit Medicines.[1]
  • Emperor Medicines: more than 5 million years old Spirit Medicines.[1]
  • Immortal Medicines (灵药仙草): more than 5 million years old Spirit Medicines that are very rare.[1]
  • True Immortal Medicines: Spirit Medicines that come from a very ancient era and were cultivated by immortals.[1]

Spirit Medicines with higher level than Emperor Medicines could have awareness.[1]


  • 26 Appearance(s) of Spirit Medicines
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