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The Spirit Energy is essence that moves the world itself, without it the land only could be a desert. All livings beings absorb Spirit Energy during their lives and it is liberated when they die, returning to the world and generating a neverending cycle. People use the Spirit Energy to cultivate but it is slightly different depending on the World and the Epoch, so the cultivation method should adapt to those differences and thus is the origin of the different cultivation systems.[1]

Earth Veins

Earth Veins are like rivers made of Spirit Energy. They flow underground and the places where they surface are extremely fertile.


The Spirit Energy give birth to multiples things, like Destiny True Stones, Spirit Medicines and even some Demons.
Futhermore Spirit Energy could be used by cultivator to refine theirs True Fate making it stronger. The more Spirit Energy they use, the stronger True Fate is. The stronger True Fate is, the stronger Dao foundation is. The stronger Dao foundation is, the higher the Cultivation Level is.[2] For this reason, all the powerfull sects are founded in places were the Spirit Energy is densier as possible. Cultivators also use its ctystalized form as currency


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