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The Spirit Abyss is one of the most ancient lineages of the Charming Spirit Race in the Nine Worlds. The Spirit Abyss even claims that entire Charming Spirit Race originated from it.[1] However, according to Li Qiye, the Spirit Abyss was created after the Buzhan Clan, but before the Dream Empyrean.[2][note 1]

Even so, the Spirit Abyss is the strongest lineage in Godhalt Continent. Moreover, for an unknown reason, the Godhalt Continent's suppression has no effect on the Spirit Abyss's disciples.[1]

Current Era

The Spirit Abyss was destroyed by Li Qiye.[3]


The Spirit Abyss is situated in the Godhalt Continent of the Heaven Spirit World.[4]


  • 1 Character(s) from Spirit Abyss


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    1. Shen Mengtian - Dream Empyrean's founder - originated from the Spirit Abyss.
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