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The Southern Tang is a nation created by the Pure Lotus School to take their place in governing the world.[1]

The Southern Tang controls the southern part of the Barren Earth region, known as the Southern Border. Under their control are ten other nations and countless small sects. However, this control is in name only; all these nations and sects didn't need to pay tributes or act as vassals and the Southern Tang did not bother with managing them or interfering with their affairs. Even so, the small nations are very supportive of the Southern Tang and there are very few disputes between them. Citizens in the Southern Border lead peaceful lives, just like living in a paradise.[2]


The Southern Tang is situated in the the southern part of the Barren Earth region of the Mortal Emperor World.[2]


Ten Nations:

  1. Suhang Country[1]
  2. Minor-Form Country[1]



  • 5 Character(s) from Southern Tang
  • 2 Nation(s) from Southern Tang
  • 1 Sect(s) from Southern Tang


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