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The Southern Heavenly Kingdom was created during the Desolate Expansion Era by Nantian Clan.[1]

Immortal Emperor Fei Yang

Immortal Emperor Fei Yang was born in the Southern Heavenly Kingdom, but never announced that he was part of it and hadn't left behind any legacy. Because of it, the Southern Heavenly Kingdom never dared to declare itself as an Imperial Lineage; despite existing for millions of years they discreetly called itself Kingdom, instead of Ancient Kingdom.[1]

Current Era

Evil Infested Ridge

The Kingdom's Regional Monarch Nantian Hao led his clansmen to the Evil Infested Ridge looking for treasures.[2][1]

Nantian Hao provoked Li Qiye and was ruthlessly killed along with all his clansmen.[3] The Nantian Clan was in rage, but didn't dare to invade the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom to kill Li Qiye. Instead, they colluded with the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom to do that.[?]

Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground

As many other sects and nations, the Nantian Clan planned to bury their Ancestor in the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. A group was publicly led by Young King Nantian. After he met Li Qiye in the Ancient Sky City, he wanted to avenge his cousin, but only brought disaster on himself. In the end almost entire group was massacred by Li Qiye, including Young King Nantian and even Clan's Ancestor, only few members were able to escape. Moreover they were used by Li Qiye to achieve minor completion of his Immortal Physique.[?]


The Southern Heavenly Kingdom is situated in the Grand Middle Territory of the Mortal Emperor World.[2]


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