Emperors Era

Li Qiye taught the supreme Physique Merit Law for the Solar Immortal Physique to his disciple, Immortal Emperor Min Ren.[1]

Current Era

In the Current Era, Min Ren's descendant, Su Yonghuang, believed that she was born with the Minor Sky Physique, King Physique from the Solar Immortal Physique's family. She cultivated the Solar Immortal Physique, but have problems with it. Later on, Li Qiye revealed to her that she was actually the Complete Yang Saint Physique and taught her supreme Physique Merit Law for the Extreme Yang Physique.[2]


The Solar Immortal Physique is one of the 12 Immortal Physiques;[3] it originates from the word "Yang".[4]

The Solar Immortal Physique enables the cultivator to emit an endless amount of light.[note 1][5] This light could be used offensively, <ref group="note" name="similarity">[6] or defensively by creating a spatial gap and becoming unreachable as the sun in the daytime sky.[7]

Merit Laws and Techniques


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    1. Min Ren's Secret Law, Daylight Sky Immortal Secret (昼天仙秘), is named similar to the Solar Immortal Physique (昼天体) so it's possible that he created his secret law using his immortal physique as base and they have similar abilities.
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