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Soaring Remembrance Village was founded by one of the Immortal Emperor Fei Yang's lovers, who managed to steal his seed, in order to raise her child as a mortal. Long time after, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang casted a spell over the village to protect it and left all his legacy in a hidden space within the village.[1] Generation after generation in the village, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang's descendants had multiplied, but the village remained peaceful and unknown. The village did produce some cultivators. However, they did not come from Immortal Emperor Fei Yang's dao lineage. Instead, they were recruited by other great powers from the outside world, and they had no relationship with the emperor.[1]


Soaring Remembrance Village is located within the Thousand Carp River.[2]


  • Great Wisdom Temple
  • Hidden Space


Soaring Remembrance Village is a quiet place. It was neither big nor small and had several hundred villagers. However, no matter how many great characters came from this village, it remained itself without changing as an eternally tranquil village. [2]




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