“ Immortal Emperor Fei should be proud to have a son like you.So many tigers give birth to dogs, but you have never shamed his prestige before. „
Li Qiye[1]



the old man he was the son of Immortal Emperor Fei and the prettiest diviner in that generation. He was the unknown guardian of the academy; few were aware that he was still alive.[1]

He was the embodiment of nobility with famous parents and of course, his grandfather was Deep South Divine Emperor.

One would be hard pressed to find someone with a more prestigious background. With such a family, he could easily call for winds and rains.

So many imperial princes would become bossy and unbridled, not giving a damn about the rest of the world.

This wasn’t the case for the prince. Diligence and sincerity described him perfectly despite his incredible innate talents. Furthermore, as a half-diviner, he was lucky enough to have one of the three great immortal bloods - Eternal!

All of this gave him an unbelievable advantage; he was certainly destined for greatness.

Alas, he had a peerless father and an unbeatable grandfather so his life paled in comparison.

This wasn’t to say that he didn’t work hard enough or wasn’t powerful. In fact, the guy was exceedingly strong and could look down on many emperors. The problem was that his family was too excellent.

His father was among the greatest Immortal Emperors while his grandfather used to be the leader of the Divine Race. There was no way for him to exceed the two of them despite his lifelong effort and hard work.

There was no way of escaping from their shadow so his own light was dimmed. The truth was that even if he had twelve wills, it still wasn’t enough to overcome the other two.

Nevertheless, he still tried his best in life.

In the eyes of many, his background was enviable even to the point of jealousy. However, it was also torturous for someone who had dreams and aspirations because a lifetime of effort was not enough to surpass their older generations.

Their achievements and excellence would not matter. Some would even think that it was all due to the protection and reputation of the family. No one would recognize their hard work or talents.

Nevertheless, despite not being able to fulfill his dream and living in others’ shadow, he continued to quietly protect the academy because this was the hard-earned accomplishment of his father.


He had done enough, and did not not becoming a prodigal son with such an invincible father and grandfather. Anyone else would go crazy under the weight of those two mountains.


  • 1 Event(s) in which Soaring Immortal Prince participated


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