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Desolate Expansion Era

Immortal Emperor Fei cultivated this Physique.[1]

Current Era

Li Qiye chose the Soaring Immortal Physique as his second Physique.[2] He cultivated it to Grand Completion.[3]


The Soaring Immortal Physique is one of the 12 Immortal Physiques; it originates from the word "Pure".[4]

The Soaring Immortal Physique is the fastest physique; it grants unmatched speed. Once one's speed was invincible, treasures and techniques would no longer be important because if the opponent could never catch up to their speed, then the enemy would be killed before even having the chance to make a move. Once this Physique reached Grand Completion, it could pass through any spatial fabric and move so fast that time itself would stop for the user of the physique.[9]

Merit Laws and Techniques

Physique Merit Laws

Immortal Physique Strikes


  • 16 Appearance(s) of Soaring Immortal Physique
  • 5 Character(s) with Soaring Immortal Physique
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