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After Dark Crow escaped from the Immortal Demon Grotto, his soul was still influenced by it from time to time. Whenever he felt like this, he would immediately seal himself and force his soul to fall into a deep slumber, thus preventing Grotto's master from summoning him back.[5]

From the Desolate Era to the end of Emperors Era, Dark Crow forced himself into deep slumber multiple times, sometime sleeping through entire generation.


Emperors Era

Min Ren's generation

Dark Crow entered the slumber sometime after Min Ren became an Immortal Emperor.[1]

Before Slumber
After Slumber

Last Slumber

Main article: Last slumber of Dark Crow

His last slumber started sometime after Ta Kong became an Immortal Emperor. He slept through the end of the Emperors Era and entire Difficult Dao Era, awakening at the start of the Current Era in his original body.[4]


  • While the same characters — 沉睡 — were used in Chinese, they were translated differently in different chapters: "deep slumber",[5][1][2][6][7] "deep sleep",[8] "hibernation".[3]


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