The Sky Chamber is an important location in the Nine Saint Demon Gate. All major decisions were discussed and made there, and only Elders had the qualifications to enter.[1]

Current Era

After the shocking results of Li Qiye's trials, Lun Ri politely invited Li Qiye for a chat in the Sky Chamber, where all Elders gathered. They tried to persuade Li Qiye to reveal the technique to control Tetra-War Stone Protectors, but he pretended that there is no secret and he just gossiped with them. Li Qiye also demanded to perform a blood rite with Tetra-War Stone Protectors, and while the Elders were unhappy, they had no choice and therefore allowed him to do so.[2]

Four days later, after Li Qiye successfully opened the Saint Cavern, he was once again invited to the Sky Chamber. Demon King Lun Ri invited him to join the Nine Saint Demon Gate, but Li Qiye refused.[3]


The Sky Chamber is situated in the deepest part of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.[1]


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