The Six Wise Monarchs Formation is a Formation created by Virtuous Monarch Jiangzuo. He left it to Jiangzuo Clan and they used it for protection ever since.[1]

Current Era

Jiangzuo Clan participated in the exploration of the Evil Infested Ridge at the start of the Current Era. Noble Jiangzuo used one thousand riders to form the Six Wise Monarchs Formation. They trapped 200,000 years old Heavenly Beast for three days and three nights before finally killing it.[1]

Soon after, the Jiangzuo Clan's participants were lead into a trap by Li Qiye and attacked by Heaven Extermination Devil Ape. They tried to use the Six Wise Monarchs Formation again, but this time it was of no use and all of them were killed by Devil Ape.[2]


The Six Wise Monarchs Formation is a powerful Formation capable to kill Heavenly Kings and Virtuous Paragons.[1]


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