Sima Yujian (司马玉剑: Jade Sword) is a disciple of the Swiftdao Holy Ground. She left the Swiftdao Holy Ground after loosing the competition for the position of the Holy Ground's next sect master to Swiftdao Celestial God. Even though she didn't cut ties with the Holy Ground, she never returned.[1]

According to rumors, Sima Yujian then created her own supreme grand dao, one of emotionless murder, and became the most famous assassin in Heaven Spirit World, and the youngest one at that.[1] In truth, however, she became a member of the Godslaying Night Corps and obtained their defining technique, the Godslaying Dao.[2]

Sima Yujian was hired to kill Li Qiye by Lithodidae Overlord but failed.[1] She attacked Li Qiye again, but failed again. Since she used the Godslaying Dao, that Li Qiye himself created back in the Ancient Ming Era, he spared her life out of sentimentality.[2].

Just before Li Qiye went back to the Mortal Emperor World with Su Yonghuang, he found Yujian waiting at the dao platform and met with her master Shadowless who then asked Li Qiye to bring her with him which the request was accepted.





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