The Silver Fox Legion is one of the Dark Crow's Four Legions.[1]

Indomitable Battalion

The Indomitable Battalion (铁血狐营) was a part of the Silver Fox Legion.[1] It consisted of the members of Hong Clan, Zhang Clan, Xu Clan and Lin Clan.[2]

The Indomitable Battalion was definitely among the top of all the famous battalions in existence. It was renowned for being cunning with many illustrious merits. Winning victories despite being fewer in numbers, they were experts at lightning speed ambushes.[1]

Killing Imperial Legion

At some point an Imperial Legion from the Heaven Spirit World provoked Dark Crow. The Silver Fox Legion's Indomitable Battalion volunteered to fight. After ten victories, they conquered the imperial city and forced the imperial cavalry to leave Heaven Spirit World. In the end, even their Immortal Emperor personally admitted that the prestige of the Silver Fox Legion was not to be provoked.[1]


When the members of Hong Clan, Zhang Clan, Xu Clan and Lin Clan decided to retire from the Indomitable Battalion, Dark Crow personally gave them the Silver Fox Legion's banner. Their descendants were allowed to hold onto this banner, the symbol of Dark Crow will.[1]


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