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Buddhist Burial Plateau

Sikong Toutian meet Li Qiye at the Buddhist Burial Plateau when Jewel Pillar Mortal King and Wolong Xuan fought. After, Li Qiye figured out who he was. Sikong Toutian was very adept at transformation arts. It would be difficult to find someone as skillful as him in this regard. When Li Qiye came, Sikong Toutian couldn’t see through him so he became suspicious and approached. Sikong Toutian didn’t expect for the guy to actually be Li Qiye. After that, Sikong Toutian affirmed that he have stealed some treasures from Jewel Pillar Sacred School



  • 1 Technique(s) used by Sikong Toutian


    1. Chapter #1059(WuxiaWorld)
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