Si Yuanyuan(司圆圆: Taking charge of Divisons) first met Li Qiye when she cultivating the Sunset Glow Scripture to harvest Jadebees behind the Godwar Mountains.[1]Later, Li Qiye passed down the Blood Race Primordial Law[2] to her due to her high comprehension of the Sunset Glow Scripture.


She was dressed plainly just like a village girl. She tied her hair with a wooden pin in the middle. She wore no makeup or any other adornments. Despite her plain style, it was still difficult to hide her beauty. Beneath the ordinary clothing was an eye-catching and temptatious figure. She had an indescribable aura around her as if she was a refreshing, limpid spring. From her slightly pouting lips, one could see that she could be stubborn and determined as if nothing could deter her pace.



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