Si Tu was an Imperial Advisor of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom.[1]

Evil Infested Ridge

Si Tu accompanied Heavenly God Dao Child's group to the Evil Infested Ridge. When Gu Tieshou tried to intervene in the battle of Heavenly God Dao Child and Li Shuangyan, Si Tu stoped him.[1]

Li Qiye became annoyed with constant interference from various powers and ordered Gu Tieshou to use Immortal Emperor Min Ren's portrait to deal with all enemies once and for all. The stalemate was broken by a sudden opening of the Evil Infested Ridge ahead of time and Li Qiye decided that it was more important to enter the Ridge than to deal with enemies.[2]

Unable to stop him, Si Tu and Heavenly God Dao Child were forced to endure humiliation. To deal with Li Qiye and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect they requested an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure from Heavenly Jewel Mortal King.[2]

After everyone entered the Evil Infested Ridge, many cultivators were killed by a hiding Heaven Extermination Devil Ape. Si Tu advised Heavenly God Dao Child to not enter the depths of the Ridge, because there could be even more powerful beings, but Dao Child insisted on going deeper.[3]

When everyone gathered at the entrance to the Evil Typha Tree's nest, Heavenly God Dao Child had met again with Li Qiye and Chen Baojiao. Li Qiye again invited her to join his side that greatly infuriated Heavenly God Dao Child. Li Qiye, however, dismissed him and ordered Li Shuangyan to kill him. Imperial Advisor Si Tu interfered and stopped their battle before it even started and advised everyone to concentrate on finding the supposed God-Monarch's treasure instead of fighting each other. Dao Child heed the advice and entered the nest with many other cultivators.[4]


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