Shi Qian is an alchemist from the Stone Medicine World. He was born during the Emperors Era.[note 1]

Dark Crow

At some point he met Dark Crow, who recognized his talent for alchemy. Dark Crow gave him supreme Heavenly Cauldron and taught him some alchemic arts.[1]

Alchemy Kingdom

Shi Qian joined the Alchemy Kingdom as a disciple. He was not only a talented alchemist, but also an exceptionally strong cultivator, so he eventually became the Kingdom's Prime Descendant. He was considered to be as talented as the Kingdom's progenitor, Immortal Emperor Yao Zu, as he also had the qualifications to became an Immortal Emperor and an Alchemy Emperor at the same time.[2]

Unfortunately, he was born in the same generation with Hong Tian. In their decisive battle for the Heaven's Will he lost.[2]

After that, he fully concentrated on alchemy and became an extremely powerful Alchemy Emperor. He chose the title Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor and his fame reverberated across the entire Stone Medicine World and even all Nine Worlds.[2]

Halting Longevity

When he reached the end of his life, Shi Qian halted his longevity and buried himself under Alchemy Kingdom's ancestral ground for millions of years. Entire world, and even Alchemy Kingdom's disciples believed that he was long time dead. Only other Kingdom's ancestors knew that he was still alive.[2]

Current Era

The Beastmaster Citadel paid a great price to invite Hundred-Life to refine medicines to save Long Jingxian's life.[3]

When Li Qiye came to the Alchemy Kingdom to participate in the Alchemy Conference, he ended up in the conflict with the Kingdom. It forced Hundred-Life to appear and plead for forgiveness. Out of consideration for Hundred-Life, Li Qiye stopped his attack, but reminded him to reform the Kingdom before his death, because if in the future the Kingdom oppose him once again Li Qiye will surrely destroy it.[2]


  • Shi Qian is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[1]


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    1. He was born in the same generation as Hong Tian.
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