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Difficult Dao Era

Shi Gandang was a vagrant cultivator who's life was saved by Chen Baojiao's grandfather. From that day he promised to protect his descendants.[1]

Current Era

Shi Gandang escorted Chen Baojiao to the Evil Infested Ridge.[2]

He followed Chen Baojiao into the Evil Typha Tree's nest together with other cultivators. They found a lot of treasures right after entering so, driven by greed, they went deeper and deeper. Soon, however, they were besieged and attacked by Evil Typha Tree's roots from all sides with no way to retreat. Chen Baojiao was attacked by more roots than others, due to the nature of her special Physique. Shi Gandang was forced to use his full power to protect her, but even so he was quickly wounded. Long Xiangtian wanted to help Chen Baojiao, but was stopped by Imperial Advisor Si Tu.[3] Instead it was Li Qiye, who helped them out. His group killed all the roots with the Lotus Ash and then used Holy Water to cleanse the roots that invaded Shi Gandang's body. Li Qiye then brought Chen Baojiao and Shi Gandang with him on the hunt for the Evil Typha Tree's main root.[4]

. . .

When she abandoned the Jewel Pillar Sacred School for Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, he followed her. Li Qiye offered him the Guest Advisor position in Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[1]


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