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Shen Mengtian (神梦天: Dream Empyrean) was born in the Spirit Abyss at the start of the Desolate Era.[note 1] He created the Dream Empyrean that is largely believed to be the first lineage of the Charming Spirit Race. He named it after his own name.[1]

Though Shen Mengtian didn't become an Immortal Emperor, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Immortal Emperors. Some historians believed that even the Immortal Emperor back then respectfully called him "teacher".[1]

Current Era

He was killed by Li Qiye.[2]



  • 2 Technique(s) used by Shen Mengtian


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    1. Dream Empyrean is considered the oldest lineage of the Charming Spirit Race, so it should be older than Gu Chun's Four Branches which was created in the Desolate Era. It is also said that Shen Mengtian met several Immortal Emperors and the first Emperor appeared only in the Desolate Era.