The Seven Martial Pavilion is a Sea God Lineage; it was created by Prime Sea God during Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo's generation.[1] Later on it produced two more Sea Gods.[2]

The Pavilion is the most powerful lineage in the Dragon Demon Sea. It sat at the apex of all Sea Demons, a place full of masters.[3]

Current Era

When Li Qiye successfully replenished the life of Peacock Treefather, the Seven Martial Pavilion saw a ray of hope in him. They sent an Elder for negotiations and allowed Li Qiye to name any price for Seven Hallowed Ancestor's life replenishment; they were even willing to let him pick a Sea God's weapon and Merit Laws as a payment.[3]


The Seven Martial Pavilion is situated in the Dragon Demon Sea region of the Heaven Spirit World.[4]


  • Seven Great Styles: They are a defining techniques of the Seven Martial Pavilion and their foundation; entire Pavilion was established because of the seven styles.[5]


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