The Serpent Punishing Stick was created by Li Qiye at the start of the Emperors Era from a branch of a Ghost Forest's tree.[1] Thanks to its properties it was very appropriate for Li Qiye when dealing with the powerful geniuses under his tutelage.[2]

Li Qiye first used it to discipline teen Min Ren and group of his loyal supporters. After concluding their training, Li Qiye left the Serpent Punishing Stick in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. No one in the Sect knew about Serpent Punishing Stick's properties, so it was kept in the Grand Chamber next to the altar below the statue of Min Ren and for millions of years was used for gathering the ashes after a ceremonial burning to honor the ancestors. It had always been there and no one had any interest in it.[1]

Current Era

When Li Qiye became the Prime Disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, he saw the Serpent Punishing Stick and asked the Elders to give it to him. Since no one in the Sect knew about Serpent Punishing Stick's properties, the Elders were extremely surprised by Li Qiye's request, but gladly accepted it, thinking that he was just an idiot who can not discern the treasures from the trash.[3]

Li Qiye used the Serpent Punishing Stick to beat Xu Hui.[2]

Cleansing Jade Peak

When Li Qiye was appointed as the new instructor for disciples at the Cleansing Jade Peak, he used the Serpent Punishing Stick to discipline them and to show them the flaws and weak points in their cultivation and techniques.[4]

Around half a year later Cao Xiong sent Sectional Leader Zhou to cause trouble at the Cleansing Jade Peak and provoke Li Qiye. Without wasting time to argue with Sectional Leader Zhou, Li Qiye immediately used the Serpent Punishing Stick to beat him.[5]


The Serpent Punishing Stick is a black wooden stick one meter long,[1] made from a regular branch grown from a small tree in the Ghost Forest, basked by demonic aura throughout the ages. However, this made it anything but ordinary; the Ghost Forest was one of the few Ancient Ominous Grounds.[2]


  1. The Serpent Punishing Stick can find and hit the weak points and defensive holes of the opponents, under the Heaven's Primal level.[2]
  2. The Serpent Punishing Stick is a stick specifically meant for punishment and teaching. No matter how many times a person is struck by it, they would not die from the blows.[2]


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