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He was the previous Sect Master of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[1]


Around 1600 years ago he and his eldest disciple Gu Tieshou came to visit Liu San Jian. Soon after, Liu San Jian sent Tu Bu Yu to find Min Ren's descendants.[2]

Eventually, close to the start of the Current Era, Tu Bu Yu found the Heaven's Edge's Su Clan and brought Su Yonghuang from it.[2]

At that time Gu Tieshou had the biggest chance to become the next Sect Master, but Liu San Jian appointed Su Yonghuang instead.[3][4]

The Previous Sect Master then summoned Gu Tieshou and entrusted him to help Su Yonghuang take charge of the Sect. Gu Tieshou was displeased with this decision, but still followed the orders of his master and supressed all opposition and supported Su Yonghuang.[5][6]

Old Devil

According to rumors, Old Devil is his bastard. Before his death Previous Sect Master asked Su Yonghuang to take care of Old Devil.[1]

Previous Sect Master died some time after Su Yonghuang became a new sect master.[6][5]


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