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Heaven Spirit World

Sea Monsters is a species of low-intelligence creatures. They are unique to the great oceans in the Heaven Spirit World. There are many of them and they are particularly formidable.[1]

Sea Monsters are different from Sea Demons; they didn't cultivate and would maintain their original form. Moreover, they are solitary creatures without groups.[1]

Because they didn't have any intelligence and maintained their original form, Sea Monsters could live for a long time and become extremely powerful while gaining unique characteristics. They would either grow to unbelievable sizes or were highly toxic. Some had magical gifts as well.[1]

Mortal Emperor World

In the Grand Sea, Sea Monsters mated with the Demons, evolved and became smarter. They were to build their own homes and create their civilization. Despite of being classified as part of the Demon Race, they conserve their own characteristics and consider themselves a race apart.[2]



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