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The Sea Demons can't become an Immortal Emperor; instead, they can become a Sea God. [1]

Path of Sea Gods[]

In order to reach this realm, a Sea Demon must be accepted by the Trident, the supreme divine artifact of the Sea Demons.[1] The Trident's choose seems to be arbitrary, accepting or abandoning a candidate without clear reasons;[2] however, chances of being accepted could be increased if one displays a pure bloodline and a heaven defying strength that no other Sea Demon could compete with.[3]

Once in possession of the Trident, the candidate's cultivation would be boosted until they reach the pinnacle (of Virtuous Paragon realm).[2] Next they would have to master the Trident dao laws, break through the limit and become a Sea God capable to exert the Trident's true power.[3] Losing the Trident, before becoming a Sea God, would automatically cut off this path and any chances to reach this realm.[2]

Shadow Council[]

Prime Sea God created the Shadow Council where the shadows of Sea Gods can stay together and plan how to deal with the Bonesea and protect the Sea Demons from extermination. The Shadow Council is the greatest secret of Sea Gods, and very few knows about it; even some Sea Gods were left in the dark about its existence.[4]

Shadow Council was created to face against their race's origin, Bonesea's Overlord. Council appeared publicly during the Myriad Dao Era, when Overlord presented itself as a result of being awakened by Dao Sanqian, to prevent Overlord.[5]


Title Era Lineage Member of Shadow Council
Lithodidae Sea God Emperors Era (last Sea God) Regal Valley (founder)
Roaring Conch Sea God Desolate Era Roaring Conch
River Devourer Sea God Emperors Era Roaring Conch
Prime Sea God Seven Martial Pavilion (founder) yes[4]
Deep Blue Sea God Seven Martial Pavilion yes[4]
Seven Martial Pavilion's Third Sea God Seven Martial Pavilion
True Martial Sea God Emperors Era (first Sea God of Emperors Era) True Martial Island (founder) yes[4]


  • 6 Character(s) at the Sea God level


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