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The Sacred Spring Physique is one of the 12 Immortal Physiques;[1] it originates from the word "Soft".[4]

The Sacred Spring Physique grants the cultivator an endless supply of Blood Energy.[5] Even the most ordinary technique powered by this Physique would be dozens or even a hundred times stronger than normal.[6] The Sacred Spring Physique could empower every technique to be extraordinarily powerful with greater speed and weight.[7]

Of course, its speed augmentation was not as great as the Soaring Immortal Physique, its additional weight was no match for the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique, and it could not empower something to the level of the Sky Destroyer Immortal Physique. Nevertheless, its endless Blood Energy made each move quite invincible.[7]

However, the biggest advantage of the Sacred Spring Physique is a boundless stamina; a cultivator with this Physique might not be the most powerful on a battlefield, but it would be the most resilient.[5]

Merit Laws and Techniques


  • 2 Character(s) with Sacred Spring Physique


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