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The Sacred Nether World is the ancestral home of the Ghost Immortal Race.[1]


The Sacred Nether World is one of the Nine Worlds.[1]


Burial Grounds

The Prime Ominous Grave, one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds is situated in the Nether Border region of the Sacred Nether World.[2]


The Sacred Nether World is the homeworld of the Ghost Immortals; they are majority in this world.[1] Almost all powerful lineages of the Sacred Nether World were created by experts from the Ghost Immortal Race.

Even so, there are still quite a few powerful lineages of other races, including:

Other races mainly live in the Distant Cloud region. Demons and Humans are especially powerful here, as the two Imperial Lineages of the region are the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom and the Thousand Carp River, consisting mainly from Demons and Humans. Other races like Blood, Heavenly Devils and Stone Golems are a pressured minority even in the Distant Cloud and their lineages are in alliance to support one another.[3]


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