Roaring Conch Sea God was born in the Desolate Era during Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng's generation. He became a Sea God while having a grand completion Immortal Physique[1] and created the Roaring Conch.[2]

Imperial Brand

At some point during Roaring Conch Sea God's reign, his son, Roaring Conch Overlord, offended Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng. As a punishment, Jiao Heng issued an imperial order that branded itself on Roaring Conch Overlord's body and forbade him to become a Sea God.[2]

Even Roaring Conch Sea God couldn't dispel the branding, so he sealed his son, banishing him into deep space. He wanted to use the power of time in order to slowly destroy the imperial brand.[2][3]




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