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Roaring Conch Overlord was born in the Desolate Era during Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng's generation. He was the son of Roaring Conch Sea God and had a big chance of becoming the next Sea God, he was even able to use the Trident and was accepted by it.[1]

Imperial Brand

Since his father was a Sea God, Roaring Conch Overlord felt that he could do whatever he wanted. He had grown accustomed to this lawless lifestyle at the Heaven Spirit World. However, one day he visited the Mortal Emperor World and met Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng. His arrogance offended Jiao Heng, so Emperor issued an imperial order that branded itself on Roaring Conch Overlord's body and forbade him to become a Sea God.[1]

Roaring Conch Overlord fled back home, but even his father couldn't dispel the branding. Because of the imperial brand, the Trident abandoned him and refused to come close, so Roaring Conch Overlord was indeed unable to become a Sea God any longer.[1][2]

To help his son, Roaring Conch Sea God sealed him and banished him into deep space. He wanted to use the power of time in order to slowly destroy the imperial brand.[1][2]

Emperors Era

Roaring Conch Overlord was sealed for millions of years. He snuck out once during the Emperors Era to become the dao protector of the young River Devourer Sea God. Alas, he didn't last long and couldn't bear the damage caused by the imperial brand, so he had to go back into hiding again.[2]

Current Era

Roaring Conch Overlord managed to come out in the Current Era, but the imperial brand was still not fully erased.[1][2]