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"Just a mortal I am, just one thought to become cloud and mud." No one knows his real name so people referred to him as Reverend Cloud and Mud(Duality Master). One of the strongest Legendary character at the Dao Monarch Level in the history of Eight Desolate. In the same generation with Apricot Dao Monarch. Apricot Dao Monarch attended his Dao lecture as a student.

Cloud and Mud School/Duality Academy

One day a man descended on Buddhist land and declared " 80,000 Buddhas are nothing more than statues and the gods up in the firmaments are mere floating duckweeds..” He founded Cloud and Mud School at that place where even mortals can come to study. No one from Buddhist Land came to fight and on the first day of of Cloud and Mud School, every reclusive cultivator, God and demons whatever race and sect, they came to congratulate him with best treasures and laws as a gift. Even Buddhist land send their high ranking Saints with gifts to congratulate him.

Forbidden Zone

Every Dao Monarch after proving the Dao fruit they went to the forbidden zone and they never returned unscathed but Reverend Cloud and Mud came unscathed. Forbidden zone acted like his back garden.

Li Qiye's Visit

Li Qiye on his visit to Black Deep Sea, one of the 7 Forbidden Zones. Here he refined an Epoch artifact from a broken paragon artifact which he left in Cloud and Mud School foundation so it can be used in difficult times. The only male face he saw more than a casual glance and tried to remember his facial features. According to Reverend Cloud and Mud saying , I'm a mortal and I thought of Cloud and Mud. He was trying to pass down a message to Li Qiye, even as a mortal you ruled nine heavens and ten Earth's but I will try my best to make my own place in this world despite the huge pressure of identity and burdens of responsibility I already have because I bear your name.