One of the Dao Lineages that invaded Insane Court, but in contrast to the other systems it was going all out in helping Insane Court, due to their special relation.

The system is quite ancient and faced an inevitable decline, dao source being depleted completely. The clans and sects there were on the verge of collapse and finally needed to leave, such that their territories of ten million miles were completely desolated.

A turning point came, when Elucidation True Emperor, a regular disciple of Insane Court, found the Resting Bull Scripture, the true scripture of Resting Bull. He left Insane Court and chose the path of the Resting Bull to eventually become a True God. He revitalized the depleted dao source and rebuilt Resting Bull, turning it world-renowned once more. During his reign, he decided to form an alliance between Resting Bull and Insane Court.[1]


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