The Resplendent Break is a technique, created during the Legendary Era.[1]

Fei Yang

At some point before his ascension, Fei Yang found the Resplendent Break and used it to pave his way to the imperial domination.[1]

Later on, Fei Yang left the Resplendent Break in the Soaring Remembrance Village's spatial realm.[1]

Dark Crow

At some point Dark Crow obtained incomplete version of the Resplendent Break with many defects and spend a long time to research it.[1]

Current Era

Li Qiye obtained complete version of the Resplendent Break from the Soaring Remembrance Village's spatial realm.[1]


The Resplendent Break can channel all of the power and essence of any object into one strike. Any weapon, and even a blade of grass, would be able to unleash a terrifying, lethal attack with the help of the Resplendent Break. Alas, normal objects are unable to endure the all-out attack, so after one blow the object would be burnt-out and destroyed.[2] Even Immortal Emperor Life Treasures would be harmed and would need a very long time to recover its power. Only an Immortal Emperor True Treasure would be unaffected, but even it would be damaged with regular and repeated usage of the Resplendent Break.[3]

Despite its tremendous power, the Resplendent Break had a fatal flaw — it required a long time before being able to release a second blow. Moreover, this second blow required a massive amount of Blood Energy and would instantly drain one's Blood Energy.[4]


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