"Remote Epochs" is a collective name for Eras and Epochs before the Legendary Era.

History[edit | edit source]

According to Li Qiye, there were many Eras and Epochs before the Legendary Era.[1] They are reffered to as a 'Remote Era' (遥远 时代)[1] or a 'Remote Epoch' (遥远 纪元)[2] or a 'Lost Era' (遗失 时代)[3]. Unfortunately, in the Current Era, even the Legendary Era is considered to be just a baseless legend; even Li Qiye knows very few things about the time before it, because it happened too long ago.[4]

The Exploration Grounds in the Tenth World consist of remnants from some of these past epochs.[2]

Some overlords survived the destruction of their epoch in the Three Immortals World.

Several Remote Epochs were mentioned so far:

There are a few Paragon Artifacts and comparable items, which survived the destruction of the epochs. For the epochs' overlords or survivors, see Taboo Existences.


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