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Legend states that the Rampaging Divine Mountain was created by Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, but in fact it was created by Jiao Heng's servant who had been personally taught by the Emperor before.[1]


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    1. It was said in Chapter #1023(WuxiaWorld) that "Zhan Shi is following the footsteps of Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan". While it is known that Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan belongs to the Buzhan Clan it is still a possibility that he has some sort of connection to the Rampaging Divine Mountain (for example, his relative, friend or follower joined the Rampaging Divine Mountain and brought some of Emperor's legacy with him, or even Emperor himself left some of his legacy in it). On the other hand, it can simply mean that Zhan Shi chose the same path for cultivation as Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan and/or was inspired by the Emperor.
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