Qiurong Wanxue (秋容晚雪: Autumn's Late Snow) is the Chief of the Snow-Shadow Tribe.

In Ghost River Li Qiye gifted her the foreign dao treasure from the Legendary Era, The Half-moon Immortal no less than an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure. Li Qiye also gave the jade coffin that contained the Heavenly Jade Cicada to Quirong Wanxue.

She likes Li Qiye and gave him her first kiss. She didn't know why she kissed him, it was directly after killing Ye Sha and Mo Lidao.

Qiurong Wanxue is one of the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who was confirmed to have lived until the Eight Desolates Epoch.[1] She laid the foundation for her tribe, but did not live to see Li Qiye again.


She was around the age of thirty. Her mature charm was like a ripe peach that was ready to be picked at any moment.

The thirty year old woman carried a plump and mature flavor; her white hair gave her an even more dignified aura. Her smoking hot figure was accented by her soft and tall bosom, and her slender waist could easily be held within a single hand. She was quite charming despite not reaching the kingdom-toppling level. During her moments where her dignity showed, she exuded the aura of a noble.

This mature woman brightened the eyes of others with a seductive and ripe aura, causing the hearts of others to beat faster.


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