Qian Suyun was born in the Qian Clan from Tenth World, but she didn't want to stay at her clan and definitely not with her father.[1]

Dark Crow

At some point she met Dark Crow and they fell in love. Qian Suyun revealed a secret to him, betraying her father, her race, and the entire World. Because of that, entire World chased after them.[2]

They had faced adversities together, experienced the most dangerous and desperate situation and never abandoned each other. Regardless of how hard it was or how many deities and emperors chased them, they still marched forward hand in hand while facing the bloody rains and storms.[3]

Together they eventually came to the Mortal Emperor World.[2]

Buddhist Burial Plateau

Later on, as they had their own wills and ideals, they parted ways. Qian Suyun joined the Buddhist Burial Plateau and eventually became the Buddhist Lord.[2][4]

Current Era

After sensing Qian Suyun's aura in the Buddhist Kingdom, Li Qiye attacked the portal to it, demanding to enter and threatening to kill anyone who blocked his path. Qian Suyun ordered to let him in.[2]

Li Qiye tried to persuade her to leave the Kingdom with him, but Qian Suyun refused. Li Qiye was her last tie to the mortal world, so she cut it off to fully abandon her previous life and become the Buddhist Lord.[4]


Qian Suyun isn't peerlessly beautiful, but she exude an indescribable wisdom and spirituality. If it was possible to become an immortal, then she was definitely the prime candidate. One would suddenly feel that she was born bearing the will of the heavens. No one in this world was more spiritual than her.[2]


Invincible Dao Heart: She had an extremely powerful Heart and an incomparable mental fortitude.[4]


  • Qian Suyun is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[2]


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